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Course Name Start Date End Date Status Contact Person Click here to Reserve
Process Optimization Through Design of Experiments Jun 01, 2015 Jun 03, 2015 Len Garcia Reserve
Basic Webpage Development Using JOOMLA 3.2 Jun 04, 2015 Jun 05, 2015 Denmark Tan Reserve
Packaging and labelling for Processed Food Jun 04, 2015 Jun 05, 2015 Beth Salcedo Reserve
Facilities Planning Jun 04, 2015 Jun 05, 2015 Cancelled Len Garcia Reserve
Organizational Behavior: Its Importance in Leading People in the Work-Setting Jun 05, 2015 Jun 05, 2015 Imelda Nieves Reserve
ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Awareness Jun 08, 2015 Jun 08, 2015 Cris Cura Reserve
Stress Management Jun 10, 2015 Jun 10, 2015 Narcel Merano Reserve
Awareness on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Jun 10, 2015 Jun 11, 2015 Beth Salcedo Reserve
Building Your Competency -based Performance Management Jun 10, 2015 Jun 11, 2015 Imelda Nieves Reserve
Web Layout Using HTML 5 and CSS 3 Jun 10, 2015 Jun 11, 2015 Denmark Tan Reserve

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